Join Us for the Next Cornell Lab of Ornithology Seminar

Monday, March 2, 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time

The Talented Superb Lyrebird


Speaker: Dr. Anastasia H. Dalziell, postdoctoral associate, Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Australia’s Superb Lyrebird is famous for the male’s remarkable ability to mimic a wide variety of sounds, from the songs of other bird species to chainsaws, camera shutters, car alarms, and more. Dr. Anastasia Dalziell will share research results showing that the vocal mimicry by male lyrebirds is even more spectacular and bizarre than previously thought. Males also coordinate their songs with elaborate “dance moves” on carefully constructed dance platforms to attract a mate. Female lyrebirds have unexpectedly complex displays as well. You’ll hear recordings and see videos of behaviors previously undescribed in this fascinating species. 


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