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Dark Ecology: Studying Night-time Bird Migration with Radar

Monday, June 4th 2018 7:30pm


Cecilia Nilsson, Kyle Horton, and Adriaan Dokter, all Edward W. Rose Postdoctoral Fellows at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Join three of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Edward W. Rose Postdoctoral Fellows, for an evening exploring what normally goes unseen during migration season. Cecilia Nilsson will explain why we use radar to study migration, and her research using radar to study how birds migrate and how their migration is shaped by winds. Kyle Horton will discuss his use of radar to quantify and forecast migratory flights, from small to large scales, highlighting the impact of anthropogenic light at night on nocturnally migrating birds. Finally, Adriaan Dokter will discuss how he uses the radar network to count the number of migratory birds leaving and entering the US. The team will explore not only where birds migrate, but also when and where they die, how successfully they reproduce, and how North America’s avifauna has changed over the last two decades.


You can watch many of our past live-streamed seminars via the free video seminar archive on our website. 

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