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Meet Team Sapsucker! 

As you know for the first time ever, Team Sapsucker is taking on a new friendly competition this year. In order to cover the Yucatán Peninsula, Team Sapsucker — for the first time — will divide into three teams: Team Mexico, Team Guatemala, and Team Belize. 


Even though the teams will be combining their species lists at the end of the day, you can bet on some heated competition to see which team finds the most birds—all for the good of the cause!


Who do you think will win? Jessie and Team Mexico, Marshall and Team Guatemala, or Andrew and Team Belize? 


Please take a moment to watch the videos we made for you highlighting the importance of the Yucatán Peninsula and this year’s competition.

Jessie Barry, Team Captain of Team Mexico
JessieBarry1 updated.jpg


Here's a special message from Jessie and Team Mexico


Marshall Iliff, Team Captain of Team Guatemala
Marshall IliffPeten__20080229_12182828.jpg


Here's a special message from Marshall and Team Guatemala.

Andrew Farnsworth, Team Captain of Team Belize
Andrew Farnsworth 2.png


 Here's a special message from Andrew and Team Belize.