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Common Redpoll


 © Judy Eberspaecher

what_they_eat What they eat: Common Redpolls eat mainly small seeds from trees like birch, willow, alder, spruce, and pine. They visit most feeders, aside from suet cage and nectar feeders, and prefer sunflower and nyjer.
how_they_sound Where they live: These birds live in open woodland and even tundra habitats, as they can survive very cold climates. They’re found throughout most of Canada and Alaska, extending down only to the very northern U.S.
where_they_live Did you know? Redpolls have throat pouches for temporarily storing seeds, until they find a safer place to swallow their food.
did_you_know How they sound: Common Redpolls have three main calls: a chatter of several sharp, zapping notes; a nasal, rising whistle lasting nearly half a second, and a rattle or trill that lasts nearly a second.
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