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Download Your Free Warbler 'Cheat Sheets' to Help You ID Warblers!


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Warblers are among the most challenging birds to identify, with their seasonally changing plumages and often-confused songs and calls. Download this free, full-color PDF of eastern, western, and widespread warblers in the United States and Canada.


Tips for Finding Warblers Near You


  • Find a greater diversity of warblers in layered forest habitats

  • Start on forest edges and scan for motion

  • Listen for individuals calling and watch for movement

  • Focus on one bird at a time…get to know it

  • Distinguish warblers by their small size and quick movements

  • Discover different migrants during early and late spring


A Prothonotary warbler is perched behind four pages of a warbler ID Guide. Text on image: Free Warbler ID Guide. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Academy.