Download Free Owl Sounds!

Most owls are nocturnal (active at night), so they can be difficult to see. Learning owl sounds is a great way to identify owls with your ears. 

This download package includes nine owl sound clips from the Cornell Lab's Macaulay Library:

  • Great Horned Owl

  • Eastern Screech-Owl

  • Western Screech-Owl

  • Barn Owl

  • Barred Owl

  • Long-eared Owl

  • Short-eared Owl

  • Snowy Owl


Fill out the information at right to download now. You will receive a ZIP file with MP3 song files inside. Once you extract the MP3 files, you can import them into your favorite music player like iTunes. 

Mobile phone users: Please note you'll need to download these songs to your computer first, before you can play them on your phone.