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A poster full of plants and birds of the U.S. and Canada is shown. Illustrations by Charlotte Holden.

Support Birds with Bird-Friendly Garden Plants

Poster Download

Serviceberries, asters and sunflowers, oh my! Native1 plants do so much to support birds, providing fruit and nectar, but also shelter and insects to eat. Now you can enjoy the beauty of bird-friendly plants of the U.S. and Canada and the birds they support with this colorful poster illustrated by former Bartels Science Illustrator Charlotte Holden. 

Fill out your information to download this beautiful and informative artwork. View digitally, or print it and display. 

Are you interested in connecting to birds and nature? Join a global community of bird enthusiasts during the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC). Spend time in your favorite places watching birds—then share what you see. Identify the birds you spot, count them, and submit them to help scientists better understand and protect birds around the world. The count this year runs from February 17–20, 2023. We hope you'll join us! Learn How to Participate.

1These plants are native to the continental United States and Canada, meaning they were not introduced in the last several hundred years by humans.