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Use This Free, Handy Guide To Help You Reference Raptors In The U.S. and Canada!


Swallow-tailed Kite © Ryan Jones / Macaulay Library

Raptors show lots of intricate markings, but when soaring overhead, it’s hard to get a good look at them. With few exceptions, raptors aren’t particularly colorful, but pattern can still be an important distinguishing clue. Learn to look for areas of contrast. Try concentrating on identifying patches of light and dark and pay attention to where they are located on the bird.

This free guide makes identifying raptors a little easier, with clear reference photos showing their markings and contrast patterns, so you can make the most of the glimpses you get.

Links to the Free Preview lesson on the Swainson's Hawk.

Can you ID a Swainson's Hawk? In spring, these charismatic hawks can be found west of the Mississippi, soaring over the open plains. In the fall, they migrate to the grasslands of southern South America. They can be confusing to ID because they show a number of light and dark forms. Learn how to pick out a Swainson's Hawk in this free lesson. Be sure to scroll to the end and test what you've learned with a replayable quiz.

Links to "When Goshawks Ruled the Autumn Skies" Article

Massive Northern Goshawk migrations used to dazzle onlookers every decade, but some scientists think climate change and habitat loss have made these big accipiters permanently scarce. Is there still a possibility that the mega flights will return? Scott Weidensaul investigates in "When Goshawks Ruled The Autumn Skies," an article from Living Bird magazine.