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Learn Common Bird Songs from the West Texas Feeders Cam

The West Texas Feeders cam may be known for its hummingbirds, but it also hosts a wide variety of fall and winter visiting birds that prefer seed and suet. Get to know those birds a little better with a free, downloadable sound compilation. Included inside are 13 species of birds common on the West Texas Feeders cam, all from Macaulay Library. Listen in and see how many you hear on the cam. Just enter your email on the form on this page to get started!

Included Species

  • Black-crested Titmouse

  • Baltimore Oriole

  • Canyon Wren

  • Chipping Sparrow

  • Dark-eyed Junco

  • House Finch

  • Pine Siskin

  • White-breasted Nuthatch

  • White-winged Dove

  • Wild Turkey

  • Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay

  • Acorn Woodpecker

  • Northern Flicker


Please note: the sound files are compressed into one 6.05 MB zip file with an accompanying credits file. Before individual files can be played on mobile devices, you will need to download and open the zip file from a desktop computer.


All recordings courtesy of Macaulay Library. Black-crested Titmouse © Robert C. Stein/ML14680; Baltimore Oriole © Matthew D. Medler/ML103209; Canyon Wren © Tayler Brooks/ML151627971; Chipping Sparrow © Bob McGuire/ML195793; Dark-eyed Junco © Jay McGowan/ML27611071; House Finch © William R. Fish/ML22938; Pine Siskin © Glen Chapman/ML83967951; White-breasted Nuthatch © Wil Hershberger/ML77256; White-winged Dove © Geoffrey A. Keller/ML45201; Wild Turkey © Brian Sullivan/ML238188931; Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay © Andrew Spencer/ML269565101; Acorn Woodpecker © Bob McGuire/ML189357; Northern Flicker © Ian Davies/ML30597061