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You've Chosen the 2024 Winners!

With over 50,000 votes cast, the winners have been determined. These are your BirdSpotter 2024 contest winners! We received more than 4,500 submissions, and we had a tough time narrowing it down to just 10 finalists, so a huge congratulations to all.


Pygmy Owl_Murdock, William-1
First Place: Northern Pygmy-Owl by William Murdock
Little Bee-eater_Jorgensen, Scott-1
Second Place: Little Bee-eaters by Scott Jorgensen
Great Blue Heron_Kirchner, Marcel-1
Third Place: Great Blue Heron by Marcel Kirchner
Cactus Wren_ Dickinson, Virginia
Finalist: Cactus Wren by Virginia Dickinson
Eastern Towhee_Okazaki, Maxine
Finalist: Eastern Towhee by Maxine Okazaki
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Chen Wu
Finalist: Ruby-crowned Kinglet Chen Wu
Sandhill Cranes Teresa Lepetino
Finalist: Sandhill Cranes Teresa Lapetino
Savannah Sparrow by Leah Turner
Finalist: Savannah Sparrow by Leah Turner
Marsh Wren_Penn, Larry-1
White-breasted Nuthatch by Cheryl Shank
Finalist: Marsh Wren by Larry Penn
Finalist: White-breasted Nuthatch by Cheryl Shank